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    Air India B777-200LR VT-AIL

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      Air India B777-200LR VT-AIL

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      DragonWings Air India B777-200LR VT-AIL 1:400 Scale


      The Boeing 777-200LR (Long Range) is a long-haul twin-engine wide-body airliner with a capacity of up to 301 passengers. It has a range of up to 9,380 nautical miles (17,370 km), making it capable of flying non-stop on long-haul routes such as New York to Hong Kong. It features a spacious cabin, with advanced lighting and air conditioning systems for passenger comfort. The aircraft's two powerful engines provide excellent fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs for airlines. The 777-200LR has proven to be a popular choice among airlines, with its reliability, range, and passenger comfort, making it a valuable asset for long-haul operations

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