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    B-29 Superfortress Wichita Witch

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      B-29 Superfortress Wichita Witch

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      DragonWings B-29 Superfortress Wichita Witch 1:400 Scale Another great addition to our WW2 1/400 collection! Main Features: - True to 1/400 - Detailed and historically accurate markings - High quality diecast construction - Display in flight or on the ground (stand included) About the B-29: The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was unquestionably the most famous and formidable bombing aircraft of the Second World War. During the War, these bombers were primarily used in the Pacific theater. The first Boeing B-29 bomber entered into service for the US Air Force in September 1943 and the last B-29 retired from service in September 1960. Over the years, a total of 1620 B-29 aircraft were built by Boeing at its Wichita, Kansas plant. Powered by four Wright R-3550 'Star-Engines', an enormous load of remotely controlled ammunition, fuel, bombs and a pressurized compartment for a crew of 13 could be carried as far as 6000 miles and as high as 30,000 feet at a maximum speed of 357 mph