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    Braniff International B747-100 (Cutaway) 1:144 Scale

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      Braniff International B747-100 (Cutaway) 1:144 Scale

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      DragonWings Braniff International B747-100 (Cutaway) 1:144 Scale PROJECT:CUTAWAY is the latest line of products from Dragon Models Ltd. that allows you to see man made marvels from a different point of view! Developed using our expertise in creating the finest plastic moulds, these educational replicas don't just show you what you can see on the outside, but we also take you inside! Represented in true to scale accuracy and a high level of detail, it's as close to walking inside the real thing as you can get!


      The Boeing 747-100 was the first generation of the 747 family of wide-body commercial airliners, designed and manufactured by Boeing's Commercial Airplane division. This aircraft was introduced in 1970 and featured four engines and a distinctive "hump" on the upper deck. The 747-100 was larger than any other commercial aircraft of its time and had a range of around 7,000 miles, making it ideal for long-haul flights. It was widely used by major airlines for international routes but was eventually replaced by newer models, such as the 747-400, as airlines sought more efficient and cost-effective aircraft. Today, the 747-100 is largely retired from commercial service, although some remain in operation for cargo transport

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