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    Buffalo Curtis C-46 C-GTXW

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      Buffalo Curtis C-46 C-GTXW

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      Aeroclassics Buffalo Curtis C-46 C-GTXW 1:400 Scale


      The Curtiss C-46 Commando is a twin-engine transport aircraft developed by Curtiss-Wright Corporation in the 1940s. It was designed for use as a military transport and civilian airliner, and was used extensively during World War II and the Korean War. The C-46 had a spacious cabin, with a capacity of up to 50 passengers or 10,000 pounds of cargo. It was equipped with two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engines and had a range of approximately 2,000 miles. The aircraft was known for its high-lift wing design, which allowed for takeoff and landing performance on short runways, and its hydraulic landing gear, which provided a smooth landing. Despite its impressive capabilities, the C-46 had a reputation for being challenging to fly and maintain, which contributed to its eventual replacement by newer transport aircraft

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