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    BWIA (BOAC c/s) Britannia G-AOVL

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      BWIA (BOAC c/s) Britannia G-AOVL

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      Aeroclassics BWIA (BOAC c/s) Britannia G-AOVL 1:400 Scale


      The Bristol Britannia was a turboprop-powered passenger aircraft produced by the British manufacturer Bristol Aeroplane Company (later British Aircraft Corporation) in the 1950s. The Britannia was designed as a medium- to long-range airliner to replace the aging propeller-driven airliners of the time. The aircraft featured a distinctive double-bubble fuselage, four turboprop engines, and could carry up to 100 passengers. It was popular with airlines for its speed, range, and reliability, and was used for flights throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Despite its popularity, the Britannia was eventually outcompeted by newer jet-powered airliners, and production of the aircraft ceased in 1960

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