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    Corsair B747-300 Sun 1:500 Scale

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      Corsair B747-300 Sun 1:500 Scale

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      Corsair B747-312 Sun 1:500 Scale


      The Boeing 747-300 is a wide-body airliner that was produced by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing's Commercial Airplane Division. It was the third iteration of the 747 series, following the 747-100 and 747-200 models. The 747-300 features an extended upper deck, which provides additional seating capacity and increased cargo space. The aircraft also has updated systems and avionics compared to earlier 747 models, making it easier and more cost-effective to operate. It was introduced into commercial service in 1983 and was widely used for long-haul flights. The 747-300 was popular with airlines due to its spacious interior and increased capacity, but production of the model was eventually discontinued in 1991 due to declining sales

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