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    EVA Air B777-35E/ER 16716

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      EVA Air B777-35E/ER 16716

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      Apollo EVA Air B777-35E/ER 16716 1:400 Scale


      The Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range) is a long-range twin-engine wide-body aircraft. It is an updated version of the Boeing 777-300, designed to carry more passengers and fly longer routes. The 777-300ER is one of the most popular aircraft in the world, known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and spacious cabin. With a range of up to 7,370 nautical miles, it can fly non-stop on routes such as London to Sydney, or New York to Hong Kong. The cabin of the 777-300ER features the latest in-flight entertainment technology, and its innovative design provides passengers with an exceptional level of comfort and spaciousness. Overall, the B777-300ER is an excellent choice for both airlines and passengers alike

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