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    Maskargo B747-200F Reg 9M-MHI

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      Maskargo B747-200F Reg 9M-MHI

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      BigBird400 MAS Cargo B747-200F Kuching (9M-MHI) 1:400 Scale


      The Boeing 747-200 is a medium to long-range wide-body commercial airliner that was introduced in 1971 and was in service till the 1990s. It was an improvement over the 747-100 with a longer range, larger fuel capacity and a more advanced avionics system. The aircraft could accommodate up to 416 passengers in a typical two-deck configuration and was popular among airlines for its high-capacity and efficiency. The 747-200 was used for both passenger and freight transportation, with several airlines using it to serve long-haul routes. The aircraft's distinctive humped fuselage design made it one of the most recognizable aircraft in aviation history

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