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    NASA B747-123 + Shuttle

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      NASA B747-123 + Shuttle

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      DragonWings NASA B747-123 + Shuttle


      The Boeing 747-100 was the first generation of the 747 family of wide-body commercial airliners, designed and manufactured by Boeing's Commercial Airplane division. This aircraft was introduced in 1970 and featured four engines and a distinctive "hump" on the upper deck. The 747-100 was larger than any other commercial aircraft of its time and had a range of around 7,000 miles, making it ideal for long-haul flights. It was widely used by major airlines for international routes but was eventually replaced by newer models, such as the 747-400, as airlines sought more efficient and cost-effective aircraft. Today, the 747-100 is largely retired from commercial service, although some remain in operation for cargo transport

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