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    Olympic Airways B720B SX-DBI

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      Olympic Airways B720B SX-DBI

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      Aeroclassics Olympic Airways B720B SX-DBI 1:400 Scale


      The Boeing 720 was a narrow-body commercial jetliner produced by the Boeing Company in the 1950s and 60s. It was designed as a shorter, lighter, and more efficient version of the popular 707, with a seating capacity of up to 149 passengers. The 720 featured advanced technologies such as a lighter airframe, improved engines, and a more advanced flight deck. Despite its innovations, the 720 was not as popular as its larger sibling, the 707, and its production was discontinued after just 154 aircraft were built. Despite its limited success, the 720 played an important role in the development of modern air transportation and remains an important part of aviation history. Today, the 720 is remembered as a pioneering effort to improve the efficiency of commercial air travel and continues to be respected for its innovations and contributions to the industry

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